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About the Jewish Women's Foundation

We are Women of all ages and backgrounds, united by our Jewish values and our passion for creating a world in which all women and girls grow up in a healthy, supportive environment, a world in which we have equal opportunity for economic, religious, social, and political achievement.

We are female philanthropists, intent upon overcoming the barriers and resolving the issues that prevent women and girls from taking their just place in society and realizing their true potential.

We are the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New Jersey, working collaboratively since 2006 to empower women and girls through strategic grant-making.

How it works

The Jewish Women’s Foundation of New Jersey (JWF) educates women about the power of philanthropy by pooling funds and collaboratively and strategically awarding grants to address areas of need and importance to all women and girls. By highlighting workplace concerns, work/life balance, self-esteem, education, and domestic violence, we move them to the main stage, empowering women and girls while improving the quality of life for all.

All JWF members have an equal voice in the granting process; our collaborative model demonstrates that when women work together and combine their strength, they can make a meaningful and lasting impact in the community. 

Grants are given on a local basis, as well as in Israel; they need not be a Jewish organization to receive funds. JWF's yearly grants have helped nonprofits meet critical needs, spur new projects and foster innovation and collaborations.

To learn more about the Jewish Women's Foundation of New Jersey, please contact Susan Friedman, Director at (973) 929-3005 or

Join Us

Membership can be funded with cash or appreciated securities, or by recommendation of grants from philanthropic (donor advised) funds or family foundations. All membership fees are payable over five years. Membership is effective immediately upon receipt of first payment and will last for a period of five years, unless the member chooses a life or legacy membership. read more


What people are saying...

Grants from JWFNJ promote issues of self-esteem and empowerment, including workplace, family and financial independence; child care; parenting; and encouragement of civic/political engagement. Read what some of our grantees are saying about us.

Susan R. Friedman
Director, Jewish Women's Foundation of NJ

Contact Information

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Whippany, NJ 07981-1156
(973) 929-3005 (tel)
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Susan R. Friedman
Director, Jewish Women's Foundation of New Jersey
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