JWF Grant History

2018-2019 Small Grants

Congregation Bnai Keshet, United Tastes of America: Syrian Supper Club, $1,000​

To support women who are refugees from Syria and Iraq by providing food handling training in Arabic for 20, and certification for 10 refugee women who are part of the Syrian Supper Club.

Franciscan CharitiesFeminine Hygiene Assistance Program​, $1,000

To provide supplemental feminine hygiene products to the female clients of the agency’s social service programs.

JAZZ House Kids​, Chica Power Girls Night Out​, $1,000

To offer a “Girls’ Night Out” jam session for at least 40 young women at the Jazz House followed by a socialization event to encourage them to build a social network of  other young female jazz musicians and to interact and network with their musical peers.

NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault​, Advocacy Initiative​, $1,000

To strengthen the resources of New Jersey's 21 county-based rape crisis centers, and elevate the voices of survivors by working with policymakers and coordinating with stakeholders to shape statewide discourse on the topic of sexual violence. 

Oasis​, Women’s Empowerment Support​, $1,000

To engage a certified staff social worker to provide group therapy sessions to women who are part of the organization’s Women Empowerment Initiative that helps them confront the psychological and attitudinal barriers preventing them from completing their degree.

2017-2018 Spring Grants

Newark Conservancy, Reuniting Mothers and Daughters, $25,000

This program is designed to meet the needs of formerly incarcerated mothers and their daughters, helping them to develop stronger relationships as they bond around joint participation in a range of gardening, nutrition, and fitness activities.

Jazz House, Chica Power, $10,000

CHiCA Power teaches young women to play jazz and empowers them through unique mentoring and peer-to-peer engagement. Beyond instrument training sessions and performances that enhance students’ music skills, the program helps students develop life skills including creativity, leadership, and flexibility, which are essential elements of jazz.

JESPY House, Working Women’s Support Network, $20,550

JESPY House’s project, which comprises group training, individual job development and coaching, hands-on job sampling experiences, informational interviews and performance reviews, and networking and mentorship opportunities, will help women with developmental disabilities gain not only the practical knowledge and skills to be competitive in the workforce, but also the confidence, social skills, and coping mechanisms to retain stable and fulfilling employment.

Sanar Wellness, Survivor Resiliency Initiative, $23,300

To address the devastating impacts of interpersonal violence, Sanar has developed, piloted, and evaluated a trauma recovery program that incorporates evidence-based services that reduce the impact of trauma and increase resiliency. With JWF funding, Sanar will expand its evidence-based services for women and girls who are survivors of human trafficking and gender based violence.

Volunteer Lawyers for Justice, Legal Assistance for Trafficking Victims, $15,000

This renewal grant will provide representation to survivors of human trafficking who are struggling to rebuild their lives because of arrests and convictions that occurred during their trafficking. During the second year, VLJ will also work on statewide advocacy initiatives to benefit trafficking victims and will conduct a two-day training session for attorneys on additional legal issues relevant to trafficking.



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